Organs on a heavy night in! (At least I hope some of these are staying in!)

Organs on a heavy night in! (At least I hope some of these are staying in!)

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and It was a tough choice, ironically enough, a choice between two things I love. Travelling and running. Don’t get me wrong I have other hobbies (lucky really). Still I have been running on and off for five years and enjoy training for and completing half marathons and the like. It’s wonderfully relaxing and makes you feel good about yourself, keeps you fit and helps me de-stress.

Before making the decision I tested out my theory that running makes my spleen hurt.

 I didn’t run for a while = no pain.

Then 2 runs = pain.

Sadly this felt pretty conclusive

On the other hand without a spleen I would be more at risk when I go to malarial zones and various other exotic and exciting, but mildly dangerous places. Quite a bit more at risk according to the second doctor. I also love travelling. Meeting new people, experiencing new things, really finding out how different things are in other places. Soaking up the culture and the cuisine.

So it was one or the other.

I also had the poll which people voted on.

As of today the results are 21 to take it out and 18 to keep it in. With 39 votes its so close to even that it really wasn’t much of a steer!

After some though I have come to the following conclusion.

…………………………………….My Spleen stays in……………………………………..

(I may have given this away with the picture on the blog post, Thank you again for the art work Mark Foster, legend!).

The caveat to this is if it starts to hurt more, or if it hurts even without running then I will reconsider. But for now, leave it in. Then if it gets worse I can always whip it out later.

It feels better to have finally made a decision.


In other news I am now talking to three or four other sufferers from SMZl and my guest post has also had a couple of responses. All in all very positive. Please continue to share this and if you want to know when I put a new one post out you can get notifications on the top left by putting your email in!

In my next post I will talk more about the chemo option, something to be considered sooner or later!

Until then, keep well everyone!