The plan


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I love it when a good plan comes together. So I have all the walkers now (names at the end). Between us we plan on walking AT LEAST 4010 miles in June. (If we get to the last day and we haven’t I’m out until it’s done). We have committed to 3950 miles between us, so a little overage needed, but not much. 🙂

We also want to raise AT LEAST £4010 for this feat, ideally more. This is for the great charity, Blood Cancer UK.

Whilst these numbers are totally made up, they are symbolic of the fact I was 40 this year and have survived 10 years since prognosis, and then I just smushed the number together. (Good idea Sam).

So with the above, please give generously. I am committing to 200 miles in June, or 6.66 a day. This is going to be hard work, but we will get there. is my page, and all the other walkers have their own.

It’s all for a great cause and a lot of us are walking (37) so dig deep and show your support, and help a great charity! Thanks!

And remember, even though these photos are two years old now and I am back to my normal self, this is what blood cancer can do, so help us in making a difference to sufferers, so they don’t look like Caspar the friendly ghost. (And need 23 bags of blood…. And then have to pay back 17 of those, but I digress….)

Walkers are: Marcus, Sam J, Sam C, Ben, Bram, Brendan, Carl, Clare, Mike, Ed, Freddy, Gemma (plus four), Helen, Jabba, Jo, Katy, Kittie, Liv, Lizzie, Madelyn, Mark C, Mark F, Maz, Nikki, Patrick, Paul, Rob, Steven, Susie, Tom H, Tom S, Tony, Xavin. Thank you all so much. Some of you I don’t even know, so wonderful work! Thank you so much for helping a charity close to my heart that can save people from looking like the above.