Just a quick, much more upbeat post to follow on from my last slightly less happy one of last week.

Referring to the post (https://spleniclymphoma.com/2013/09/10/im-not-ok/) I actually posted this once I had started to feel better from my slight funk so that when people messaged me I could say I felt ok. The reason I posted it then was so I didn’t want to pour my heart out to loads of people. The reason for the post in the first place was that I now have a number of fellow sufferers following me so I thought if I was going to be totally honest and try and raise awareness of my condition I had to include the negatives as well. It wasn’t easy to put it out there and I took a day or two to think it over but I decided it needed to be shared.

Its all well and good posting about my irritation with Travel insurers (https://spleniclymphoma.com/2013/09/05/travelling-with-cancer/ )
but I’m sure some people thought, what’s your problem, you’re the one going on ten holidays a year so stop complaining. To some degree you are right, it is decadent, but they are mostly weekend breaks and I have a set amount of holiday like most people. Plus in some ways now I can’t run, I’m even more passionate about travel, so to me it is a bit of a deal.

Obviously though Travel Insurance is just a minor irritation compared to the reality of the situation, which only sometimes hits me.

I feel much better now and for the last week and have been enjoying dinners with friends and various other social bits and pieces (and unavoidably some work). I also watched the epic film Night of the Creeps, a 1986 blockbuster, as well as Sharknado, so you can tell life has been good.

I am off to Malta tomorrow for a week so that can’t be too bad either, and I think the holiday, located in one place and on the beach, will really help me chill out, especially as there is a group of 8 of us going and it will be sunny and wine filled.

The next blog post will be a slight break from all the doom and gloom and will be my typical travel email as a blog about the delights of Malta. After that I may take the piss out of some of the more radical treatments out there, then again I may not and may decide to do something completely different.

You’ll just have to wait and see….