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At the request of a couple of people I have linked the radio show and placed it on youtube :).
As it turned out you can’t just put audio on it, so I’ve put some random photos on there too… enjoy…

That went well. I got everything into it I wanted to, and the DJ, Dave Monk, was a really nice chap. I’ve never been in a radio station before, it was very well organised and everyone clearly knew what they were doing and so there was no stress. Nice to meet such a bunch of chilled out people who are at the same time very professional.

Dave himself was also very nice. He had a brief chat with me before I went on, and we covered the bases. He was very sympathetic and he obviously meets loads of interviewees came across as very genuine.

All in all very enjoyable and having had 200 hits yesterday, very worthwhile in terms of publicity, lets see if any find the blog helpful.

I didn’t actually tell you how I got on there, looking back. Its a little convoluted so bear with me. I was in the paper, which was seen by my old driving instructor (a living legend. For those of you from Colne Valley it was Stephen Simper, he taught everyone to drive). He joined twitter and followed me. His daughter then also followed me, and it turned out she was a journalist who worked for the BBC. Consequently she asked me to do an interview and I was more than happy to oblige.

So thanks to Felicity Simper for arranging it all 🙂 Check her out at https://twitter.com/felicitysimper

Thanks all. I have been a little blog heavy in the last few days, so take a sigh of relief, I’ll wait a week or so until the next one.

Keep well 🙂