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Its been a couple of weeks since I’ve last written and its been very busy indeed. I had my event and raised £700 or so, with the excellent help of Rebecca and Lucy from the IOD, who spent their evening signing people in, most kind. Jason Choy also gave a great talk, so a win all in all.

The book is going well. Sales of that and the event mean I have raised about £1400 for charity this year (with a lot of help from my family and friends), so pretty close to the £2000 goal.

I also went away for the weekend with Jo and a whole slew of friends, in the New forest. There was much frivolity, rounders and mini-golf. Aside from that we have been provisionally accepted for a mortgage, and are going through all the documentation.. fun!

Just to be a little interactive and for all those who haven’t seen it (virtually everyone) this is the house we have had our offer accepted on (see below). I hope we aren’t jinxing it, but, well I like the pictures, and have included the link. This is of course not confirmed, but will give you an idea of what we are looking for! The major selling point o this house is the garden. Jo and I had two criteria or a house if it was to be outside London. one was the garden, the other was that there was a project. We may have no money to do a project day one, but boy can you do stuff to this house. Double extension on the back (potential) and a convertible garage. I am pretty excited by the prospect of this 🙂

Witham will be a change of pace from London, but with the train taking 35 minutes to Stratford, and 45 to Liverpool street, and the house being 8 minutes walk, it should be ok. We have loads of friends over that way too, so it might be quite nice to be away from the land of fried chicken shops and welcome greenery….

What do you think?

Feel free to enjoy a little house porn, if you would like to. Sorry about the small pictures, source website not great!





Aside from that slight pains in spleen from rounders over the weekend, but ignored and now gone. Doctors appointment is still a distance away, and other than that life is pretty plain sailing. It won’t be long before my year anniversary without treatment. 🙂