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Hi all, as promised this is the recording of my BBC Essex interview on Monday. It was two slots, with a gap, so I have gotten some help from one of my friends Chris, to separate them and learnt how to imbed them too.

The first half is more of an interview, the other half is my take on the news. I’ve always been an opinionated bugger so that’s lucky.

Incidentally I’m not 100% happy with how I came across. Pre 5am starts are tough and I thought it would be easier than it was. Still I don’t think I cam across as a right idiot, even if I did fudge an IT question a little (I do know the answer btw… honest).

Anyway let me know your thoughts. The radio seemed quite happy with it and mentioned it could become a regular thing, every six weeks or so. I’m not going to hold my breath but then who knows, it might work out. 🙂 If it does I certainly need the practice before I get on question time…

I also have to apologise. Despite how I was introduced I am not MD of Nutbourne. Patrick might get a little upset if I started calling myself that….