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Howdy all, I hope you are well and that new year resolutions and dry January didn’t prove to onerous.

It occured to me that it’s been a while since I last posted, and checking the dates it appears I am down to blogging about once a month. Still maybe that’s no bad thing, as at least I don’t bore people (unless the one post is sufficiently bad).

So a few things in way of an update.

Jo is chugging along well. She has grown somewhat but that’s no big surprise at 27 weeks. The blighter is kicking some but we get by.

I have my extension plans in the pipeline and applied for. A neighbour has already said it’s fine and the council were happy. Roll on chez amendment to 16 millbridge road I say. We are adding another bedroom and putting on a study downstairs. That way we can have a baby room and somewhere to work, when its not howling its head off.

In other prep we now have a car too and I have taken the old girl out for a spin. It’s been eight years since I drove, so I went easy, but I’m sure I’ll be ready by the time I have to make a quick trip to the hospital, with Jo helpfully navigating between pushes.

My book has stalled. I need to get back to it and if I get cracking I’ll drop a few pages onto here.

I am still doing some running and some bag work (I have a punch bag at home and thankfully for everyone it’s not Jo its actually a real one made of rubber). (Note, is that too off colour even for me?) I am still walking a lot and striving to be the fitbit king of my group. So all good

My blood tests are next month. I can’t believe how quickly that nine months has come around! So I am beginning to gear up for those. 23rd of March for those who are interested. I expect it to be the same procedure.

Get weighed.
End up with another doctor who has never dealt with my case and have to explain everything to then.
Get prodded in the midriff by them.
Go get bloods.
Then give blood and leave, hearing a few days later if the admin sort themselves out.

One good thing is I now know they are rubbish at getting back unless it’s important, so if it goes over a week I stop worrying as much.

The other thing that stops me from worrying is that they are happy to farm me out to whoever is free. Obviously they aren’t too worried about things changing three years on so I get a junior doctor and have to explain to them my prognosis and blood work results, as they may have just got my details ten minutes before…. Or they may not have them at all.

It’s funny how even something like this can become routine. Just another series of events which will occur. I suspect that when things change the routine will also shift and my main doctor, the Prof, will become interested again but until then it’s a case of getting the results and plotting them on my graph.

Having nicely depressed everyone last month with my post we can leave this one in a relatively upbeat way. Everything is pretty stable, pending the next life changing event.