It is with great excitement that Jo and I welcomed the new addition to our family at 3:30 this morning. His name is Avery John Evans d’Ardenne and he weighed 8 pound 8 ounces. 

He was alert as soon as he was born and latched well immediately, so he’s already trying to show up his older sister. 

He is currently in a hat (as you can see) and sleeping nicely. 

He had a lot of hair to start with!! I would also say that all new babies look like prunes so that’s all good too. 

We are both looking forward to a long period of relaxing nights and easy days of looking after two kids under twenty months. I hear it’s going to be really easy (don’t remind me of this comment any time on the next two months please). 

I have put three photos below, and just so she doesn’t feel left out, one of Grace Florence Carmel Evans who has no idea what tomorrow will bring when we being Avery home. I’m quite happy though. I hear kids never get jealous. 

Anyway, thanks for reading, let’s talk soon. πŸ™‚