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So, its all done. (photos below)

We survived, and all of the brave 51 souls who walked on the day did some miles. These took place in Leeds, Warwick, Draycote reservoir Rugby, and Witham

I would like to thank (in order of appearance 🙂

Livvy, Fred, Flora, Jabba, Clare Evans, Ian, Freddy, Patrick, Tom, Kapani, Rob, Izzy, Kittie, Nick, Emily, Gemma, Reggie, Beatrix, Katy, Cameron, Sebb, Violet, Genie, Jo, Avery, Grace, Andee, Maz, Steven, Smiler, Brendan, Simon, Liz, Peri, Dr Strange, Trevor, Clare, Ellie, Madelyn, Max, Jacob, Alice, Helen, Ann, Zoe, Sam, Louise, Benji, Tom, David, Fred

These lovely bunch of people walked (between them) a grand total of 512.93 miles on a hot day, just beating the 500 we had set for the goal on the day.

So far, and with all the tins now open (They have to be sealed for charity) we have raised £7436.78 for Bloodwise, with a little more to come. This was against out goal of £5000, which was what was needed for me to be waxed, and £6k, which is for my beard to be shaved. Sadly £8k would have resulted in my head being shaved, but at least we got close :).

I have also included some lovely photos of the day.

Words cannot express how much it means to me that so many people came out to represent. Honestly, you often don’t know how many people will get involved if you ask, and with 51 walkers and 295 donaters. That isn’t even counting the number of kind and inspirational messages I got during the day. This really pushed me forward and kept me focused on the goal.

I have started a just giving page for waxing, and added it to the group, on the basis that’s probably charity worthy itself. I have booked it for the second of August with the very friendly. My Montrose waxing (https://www.montrosebeauty.co.uk/ ) who have given me a discount for the charitable nature. I’ll put a post up about it closer to the time, and then take a lot of photos.


The photos below are in chronological order. Enjoy 🙂