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Its official. I now have a date for my full body wax. It’s the 2nd of August and I will be getting all of my body hair, neck down, taken off. I will also shave my majestic beard all in the name of the bloodwise charity.

Booking the thing was actually quite difficult. Turns out ringing up beauty parlours to get a full body wax, can be a little embarrassing. Sample conversation went something like this.

‘Waxer: Hi xxxx

Me: Hi. I was wondering if you could help. It’s a bit of an odd one. I did a 24 hour walk for charity and promised that if we raised more than 5k I would get a full body wax.

Waxer: Oh, you did.

Me: Erm, Yes. I was wondering if you did that.

Waxer: Well we do a lot of waxing for women, but we don’t often get men wanting this. We can do a full body, you know, back, legs, chest.

Me: Do you also do the intimate areas?

Waxer: Um, no, not as such. There um isn’t too much call for it.

Me: Ah OK, well sorry to have wasted your time.’

So once I did that four times I was kinda getting bored with it. I then started to try the independent waxers. I struck gold at this point and spoke to a very nice lady called Emma from https://www.montrosebeauty.co.uk/

I explained the situation to her. She started by telling me that, as I have never been waxed before, doing my whole body in one go was a bad move. She mentioned we should do it a bit at a time, so I could get accustomed to it.

I pointed out that the reason my ‘friends’ wanted me to do it was hilarious photos afterwards and if I did it piecemeal there would be a lot of stubble in different areas. She said there wasn’t that much call for it, but she had been trained in it, but if this was my first time I would likely find it uncomfortable.

I completely agreed on that point. I persevered and we put a date in for the 2nd. Then the kicker.


So anyway, I kept an even tone of voice at this, much as I won’t be able to in two weeks, and booked it in.

Emma was super kind at this point and offered to do it at cost, as it was for charity, which was great. If this was my idea of a treating myself full price would have been more palatable. she also, subsequently, received a recommendation from a friend, so that’s reassuring.

She also offered that her husband could take some photos if I liked.

I will also be taking photos, but not really sure how to best present this. Obviously the bit I am really not looking forward to is the, um, giblets. This may not be something I want to show on my blog though (obviously). So I might rely on voice recording.

Anyway, I spoke to the paper too, and they said they might send a photographer.

All I can say at this point is that I had thought that the walk was the hard bit.

Secondly, I really know how to celebrate not having had any painful treatment in five years by having, um, well, yeah.

Still it’s all for a good cause.

I do promise once this is done and I have recovered, I’ll post some straight up medical posts. I am conscious I am dangerously close to turning this into a fundraising blog.

Still please do give generously at


(although I know a lot of you have already) and I promise not to bug you for money for another five years, when I might do something else stupid, cancer permitting 🙂

Thanks, as always, for reading and supporting me.