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Hi guys, long time no check in. Turns out (insert familiar comment about having two kids and a business keeping me busy).

Just to start by saying, god I need a coffee. I’ve not been allowed to eat or drink this morning and my usual headache is starting to kick in….

Rather than just dive in, prepare for a recap.

Previously on Marcus the cancer patient.

After my last check up we agreed I would attend in three months time, which took is to April. I duly attended and this time the prof saw me himself. Obviously my last notes about being tired etc had him worried. Luckily the preceding three months have been fine. I’m always tired, but normal tired, and although work was a little stressful in that period, nothing to write home about.

So the prof and I had a chat and he said the blood results were all good and going up in a linear fashion as expected. He was somewhat relieved about my rally, but also thought it had been a while since I was last checked internally (ew er). By which he obviously meant a CT scan or similar. We chatted over the options and I decided to get an ultrasound instead, as I figured there was no need to dose myself up with extra fun radiation if it wasn’t needed, although a third eye would be useful…

Having just had a nice holiday for two weeks I thought what would ease me back in the easiest would be a fun jelly on the abdomen experience, which is what I have just had.

I am pleased to announce that it’s not a food baby, as I obeyed the letter and didn’t eat or drink anything for eight hours. (My god do I need a coffee).

Anyway the images will be sent over to he prof and he will run through them in a couple of weeks.

That said, judging from the imagers face, it didn’t look like I had an eel in there or anything, so it’s probably cool. He did mention my glands by my liver were up and visible, but also said he wasn’t sweating it too much. Which is what I like to hear.

Next step is to see the prof in a fortnight, hopefully he will not ask me to get a CT scan. Then it should be all sunshine and lollipops or similar until my next tests.

So anyway, just being put through the paces as it’s been six years next month since diagnosis. Instead of a 24 hour walk I thought I would celebrate by having some tests. Yay. Whatever happened to just having a nice piece of cake….