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Short update. Back in hospital again. Had a bad night last night with a lot of sweating and pain. This morning I called my gp and got a letter to go straight in (thanks for the lift Seb). They have taken my history again and want to do some more tests, ones they didn’t do last time. Cat scan echocardiogram and some kind of injection to the stomach which sounds fun and not at all painful….

The registrar compared notes with Dr Murray’s recommentions this time and resolved to carry out the tests suggested. They are also talking to professor Gribben tomorrow. I have asked them to check my spleen when they do the cat scan so I don’t have to have two.

Definitely staying overnight but this time I have a bed and my own room, so things are looking up. Let’s hope we get to the bottom of this.

Sorry for the continual updates, just easier than telling everyone one at a time. Hope you are all well in the real world. Bit of a scorcher!