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Hi guys. A few people asked me how I was this week and it occurred to me that in my last post I was mostly in hospital again or had just gotten out.

Well anyway, I was released and have been taking my pills like a good boy. Tomorrow will be three weeks since I came down with Pericarditis and I can honestly say… Don’t get it. It’s not the fun filled ride they promised on the packet. I’m fact I’m considering going to small claims.

Symptoms have been pretty much the same throughout, pain in the chest and radiating out to head and shoulder etc. This was quite bad but luckily has now dissapates unless I carry something weighing a kg or more upstairs. No tidying for me (sorry Jo). Harder to shift is the tiredness where I found very simple tasks would wipe me out. Look after the kids for an hour = 3 hours in bed. This has also eased and whilst I’ve still not left the house I can kind of function for a day, with rests, and have been doing some work too.

Finally the night sweats. These are still in full swing and basically wake me up as if I just fell in a river. It’s as discussing as it sounds and I have taken to going to bed with a towel like some kind of fish man. It’s been consistent and also unpleasant but so is life.

Now whilst the other symptoms have eased you could say that either the tiredness or becoming a giant cod are both B symptoms of Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphoma. So that’s touch and go.

Anyway I’m now starting to feel better and will talk to the prof next week to get my other tests booked in. I also have my flu jab lined up for next week.

So all in all. It could be worse. The kids have been very understanding and not jumped on my chest (I’m frankly amazed) as well as happily playing less physical or active games (they seem happy just as long as I play something with them). Jo has been a hero and picked up all housework, most childcare and all school and nursery trips, so she deserves a medal. Or a trophy. Or a cake shaped like a trophy. Well you get the idea.

I have also had a lot of time to read and have read nine books so far. As well as watching films and tv series. This was very welcome.

Finally I have been reflecting on my body. Not like some kind of guru or shaman. More about how we take our bodies for granted. Assume they will be fine. Occasionally have tiff’s when we hurt a knee or a shoulder but kids and make up. At least that’s what the majority of us have the luxuries to do in our twenties and thirties. It’s rare to realise just how dependant we are on these stupid meat sacks and how much of a seeming injustice it is when it goes wrong.

So I’ve been reflecting on that and the stone and a third I’ve lost since Feb. With the enforced bedrest my body is now completely lacking tone and stamina, which is a concern. Once I get my main treatment I’m kind of hoping I can do some activites again, like walking to the shop, or maybe even a casual work out. Who knows I might be able to throw the kids around again.

Anyway the main point of this post is I’m all good with reasonable hopes I’ll be back to normal, albeit it super tired all the time and sweaty which I can cope with. I’m probably better for some reflection time too, and don’t take your body for granted. It’s tough when it decides to stop playing ball. Luckily in this case I think it’s more ‘this too will pass’ and I’m learning to be patient.

Oh and also the realisation that night sweats suck more than they sound like they should. It’s no big deal. Except when you wake up like a c rate aquaman, who has fallen in a pond whilst sleep walking. This will have to pass soon as well or I’m going to take to sleeping in my bath and owning it, just telling my kids I’m becoming Ariel’s Dad. One of the two.