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It’s been a week since I left hospital and I felt it was probably time for an update, especially as a few people have asked me how it’s going.

A week ago I was released late and came home tired and bruised from the hospital. I spent the next forty eight hours mostly sleeping as my body caught up on both bad hospital sleep and also having six bags of as many as six people floating in my system. (As yet I haven’t gained any of the abilities of the six people, but I live in the hope of becoming some kind of gestalt superhero.)

Aside from this Jo (who has been a champ) has chosen to be furloughed during this time and her work were amenable, this didn’t cause any major problems, although it is odd waking at eleven am and then napping at two pm. I have also taken a few weeks off work, as again, sales meetings and the like don’t go so well if you nod off when they talk. I think they might get the impression I wasn’t interested or similar….

During this week I have had a lot of interaction with the NHS, which was all according to plan for once. I have so far. (Thanks for the lifts Max and Madelyn).

1. Had my vaccine (and it was mine, I was the only one in my surgery who cancelled, so they just kept it to one side. It was Pfizer if you are curious). No side effects to speak of.

2. Had my cat scan for my spleen. It’s breaching thirty cm’s and they want before and after shots for my rituximab. I had to go to Ipswich for this one, the big hospital. (Note this cat scan have me the same radiation as eight years of background radiation. With this, my previous travelling and all the x-rays and other scans I get… Well let’s just hope I’m a one cancer kind of guy).

3. Booked my blood test, Monday to make sure I’m not circling the drain. (Although my lips are currently reddish and my eyelids are too, suggesting the transfusion is holding.)

4. Waiting on an MRI for my vision.

5. Getting ready for my hospital stay 7-9th of Feb. This will be a) day of transfusions b) rituximab.

In terms of treatment I will be having a rituximab transfusion one day a week, four weeks in a row from the 9th. They may extend this depending on his it all takes. I will also be on antigout medicine so my body can process, without being damaged, all of the broken down white cells heading it’s way. Fun times. 🙂

Aside from the list above I have been sleeping, eating snacks, playing with the kids energy permitting, and mainly mooching.

I’m getting a little bored tbh. I like doing things. Still only a week and a bit to go, so for now I will take it easy.

In other news I am now under twelve stone. Last time this happened I was running a marathon. Please note I have no plans to run a marathon at the moment. Not even a little. I have, however, been fed like a king with huge thank yous to Katy and Freddy, Clare, Lizzie, Helen and Patrick and my Mum, for bringing us supplies and great home cooked food. Its been wonderful.

So watch this space. Treatment in a week with hope the blood transfusion lasts until then and my vaccine gets some time to bed in.

Thanks all, hope you are well. 🙂