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Hi all. Just wanted to give you a quick update. I was at home minding my own business. My mum had kindly take the kids. The last few days my anemia had come on as my blood transfusion wore out, but it wasn’t too bad yet. At around 3pm I started to shiver so got into bed.

By five my temperature was 38.1. I called my emergency line at 5:20 and they asked me to come in to a and e. No messing around I arranged a lift asap. I was shivering a lot now and feeling bad. Madelyn turned up at six and took me in the car. Lots of shivering and feeling crap during journey. She made record time….

I got there and there was a queue outside. I shivered a lot again in line outside and cried a bit, I wasn’t feeling very special. It’s a reaction I have to low hb the crying but I think that fast tracked things. . I explained the chemo, showed the cards. My temperature on entry was 39.8. I sat for twenty minutes and then got taken to the ICU. The obvs had my pulse at 140, and my hb after the blood test at 5.7. one slight good news is my platelets are at 110.2. that said my neutropenia is 1.5 so close to being neutropenic, or my body starts to infect itself. They suspect sepsis given the very quick uptick and so acted accordingly.

They did an ecg and my pulse had dropped to 120, it came back clear but tacychardic. After a long chat (I know a lot about my condition, as you might have been bored by). I had an antibiotic drip and some paracetamol. Then I was moved out of icu and to another ward.

My temperature is now 39.3, so a touch lower. They got me to have a chest x-ray and wee in a cup. Now it’s the waiting game as I sit on a drip.

I am definitely in till tomorrow and will likely be transfused. Otherwise we wait on the results and hope the antibiotics work. One highlight was when they asked what medication I was on. This took a while, as I am on 11 things. Still all very quickly processed and can feel my temperature drop and my pulse rate drop too (one advantage of anemia is feeling your heart rate.)

It came on so bloody quickly I couldn’t believe it. From three pm I has a temperature of 37.1 and by six pm 39.8. that’s why sepsis is so dangerous. Um not out of the woods yet but they got it early.

Anyway I hope your bank holiday weekend has gone better than mine… And I’ll keep you posted.