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I got out of hospital yesterday…. And I’m back in today sepsis again. Quicker this time. 34.9 (so low temp) to 39 when I got in forty minutes later. We called 999 and they sent a paramedic who couldn’t take me in so Max took me in. Although I had all the number to circumvent a and e no one picked up, so I had to go back to a and e. And they were busy and weren’t listening to me so I asked them to take my temp again 15 mins later and it was 40.

I got them moving at that and by the time I got paracetamol and antibiotics (I was sent away with oral, these were iv). My to was 40.6 and pulse 150. Luckily these things have bought it down a bit.

Now I’m at 39 degrees and pulse of 130. It’s slowly going down. We need to find exactly where the infection is or I don’t think we are going to lick this. So far the treatments mask the symptons.

I’ve given them a full synopsis and so I’m hoping they listen and we find it. Additionally my bloods have dropped again with my hb back down to 5.7. not sure on the other results, waiting to see.

All in all bit a good day. I know I was let out too early, as they didn’t trial the oral antibiotics before letting me go.

So back to square one. I’ve told them about the rash from the blood and asked them to cross match it at a deeper level as it might be I have built up immunity to other proteins in the blood after getting so many bags. .

I don’t want to be a drama queen but it’s not been ideal, and so I wanted to keep you posted as to where I am.

I hope you are all well. Sorry to keep blogging. I just want to keep people updated.

I expect to be here a while this time. Currently I am allowed one visitor, the same one, and this is Jo. If love to see you all but not allowed at the moment.

Anyway keep you posted.