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Two weeks have elapsed since I put some poison into my body. I can confirm, it’s definitely gone better than last time, at least so far. In fact I have relatively good news, with the absolute caveat that I could fall off a cliff and go to hospital for three weeks again, or have some other malady.

I’ve had two blood tests since treatment and the results are.

Hb 9.3 then 10.7 (should be 12-15) platelets 244 then 230 (should be 150-400) neutrophils 16 then 8 (should be 2-8) lymphocytes 0.7 then 1.5 (should be 1-4)

As you can see these are great compared to before and my Hb is higher than it has been for a year. Platelets are the highest they have been since before I was diagnosed back in 2013. Lymphocytes are back to normal levels.

All in all very positive for my second round of chemo. I still have four to go and these will definitely go ahead, as it’s all about making sure we definitely get it. The chemo only kills cells that are currently dividing and as my cancer is slow roughly 15-20% of them divide during the chemo period. So even though it has obviously cleared some of my bone marrow, we will keep going until we have hit six times 15%.

Still it’s only the second round so I’m trying to not get too excited, but it is good news. It’s about time I shared some with you after the year that has been. :).

Thanks all for reading. It’s appreciated as always.