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I’ve been somewhat remise at updates. Sorry about that. Still I do have the excuse of doing a bit more work as I ease back in, and more childcare as Jo went back to working in London a day a week.

Anyway the liver did eventually respond to the dropping of the drugs and even though chemo was delayed by a week it did just happen, today and yesterday.

So as of now I have finished my sixth and final session of chemotherapy, been given a book called ‘Life after treatment’s and had my pic line removed from my arm (which was very much not as painful as it was going in).

So from here I have an ultrasound next week on the liver, bloods on a fortnight and a month and then a consultant check in eight weeks to give me my final diagnosis and how successful treatment has been. Aside from this I will then have to return blood for nearly a year.

So whilst I’ve had my last poison for what is (I hope) a long while, I still have enough hospital trips to be keeping on with. Also I am still technically in cycle until Sunday the 31st, so am not celebrating quite yet. The big party should be on the 30th. ;). (You know whilst not seeing people).

Other than this I have had my government letter saying shielding is finished as there will be no more lockdowns ever! They do tell me to avoid big crowds, make guests in my house wear a mask and avoid anyone who is not double vaccinated (yes they honestly do. Sorry anyone who doesn’t believe in vaccination).

So anyone like me who is immunosuppressed until at least mid next year has been cut loose, whilst there are still 35kish cases a day. I better just try and keep put of the public….

Finally I drove myself to and from chemo yesterday which I was very chuffed with. It was in no way dimmed by me leaving not only my lights on but the key in the ignition of the car when I got home.. now where are those jump leads… (And lucky no one stepped in front of my car on the way home).