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Well it’s now day 7 of covid and… Well it’s about the same. I’ve got a cold, one ear aches and I’m tired, but otherwise ok and able to work some, albeit phlegmy. That said the kids and Jo also have covid so the amount of work is less than normal. Still both Jo and Grace don’t appear to have symptoms.

Avery is very snotty and taking naps, which is unusual. He’s just quite lethargic. It’s day four or so for him, so he’s still kicking it.

For the SMZL and similar of you, I did get antivirals. I snuck in on the five day deadline (I’m the UK if you don’t get them in five days from diagnosis they say there is no point getting them). I didn’t bother going to a and e again. (Note in the UK. If you want antivirals, are eligible for them and have a condition they won’t give them to you unless your oxygen count is below 95. So I’m not sure its with the bother unless you meet the criteria).

That said my lymphoma nurse and my specialist got them for me so I could pick them up. To be fair to them the test and trace people, who I registered my test with, also called me on day five as well, so either of those schemes would have worked I think (so aim for those if you have smzl). They had to be picked up in Colchester and I couldn’t go as I was positive. Luckily my Aunt Kim went, which was very kind and helpful. Otherwise I’d have fallen at the last hurdle!

I had a choice of two antivirals, but chose the paxlovid. They are a five day, two lots a day (three pills a time). The only side effect I have so far is a very common one. A terrible taste in my mouth about three hours after taking them until nine hours after. You can eat and it goes away when you are eating. But then the taste comes right back. It’s a bit like a bleachy rancid taste. I have been taking mints and sucking them as the taste is not there whilst they are in. Interestingly this is a common side effect for lots of the hiv drugs and has been a side effect for years. It’s a small price to pay for five days.

So yes. All ok, other than a flu heavy cold. Vitals are ok. Antivirals are on day three. Still at home. So I’ve had a lot worse in the last year! Let’s hope it goes by day ten and Avery gets better soon.