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Thanks for bearing with me for an update. It’s been a busy week.

I was in hospital for a week in total, as they gave me iv antibiotics. These worked a treat and after three days my fevers, tachycardia and low oxygen saturation passed. I felt well. The next four days I read six books. It was like a holiday, without the sun, and where people periodically stabbed you whilst you can’t leave the room. Wait. That’s prison. So like that.

I joke, I joke. The medical staff were as brilliant as always and I was pleased to have visitors. I got out on the Wednesday and felt better than I had in a long while. They moved me from IV to oral antibiotics for a week, which ends tomorrow.

The thing is though, my friend, the cough, hasn’t totally gone. It’s still lurking, just very much reduced. My fear is that after I finish my course it will just kick up again, like it has seven times. Luckily I am speaking to my specialist on Wednesday so I can address it then.

I also managed to squeeze in a holiday, which was nice. It was to Kent with a group of good friends and we had a great time. It was just nice to be with a group inside after two and a half years. Heres a snap of us by the coast. (I asked a stranger to take it and she got arty :)).

I have also been asked to get a couple of vaccines, wait a month and see what my immuno response is like. If there is none then I will be eligible for immunoglobulin transfusions.

So watch this space and in the meantime I will enjoy the next few days. I hope you do too! :).