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I ain’t dead, as Granny Weather Wax would have it (Terry Pratchett… If you haven’t read it you should try. :))

But it has been a long time since I posted, mainly because life got in the way. And not in a bad way.

So what has been happening I don’t hear you ask (it’s the nature of the internet). Well I kept giving blood every three or four weeks. I’ve done about 11 or 12 this year

I did speak to a doctor yesterday who was surprised at the volume because my haemoglobin are at 16. He said they mostly only did it three or four times a year as it can cause anemia. I would argue my body has put up with far worse than a little blood out, and given my state not being terrible at 3.4 Hb, maybe I’m not that sensitive to variation. (I mean I was well but I didn’t fall over). So the difference between now and then is pretty marked, see below.

Anyway, so that’s positive. I also went to Orlando Florida, for a conference, and was ill the whole time, which was a bit annoying. And I currently have a cold and a temperature of 38.5…. (let’s hope it doesn’t get worse but in case you wondered, I absolutely support the nurse strike a real term pay cut over ten years as an offer for the govt isn’t fair. Also with us being short 47000 nurses, maybe now is the time to invest….). So if it does and I have to go in, thems the knocks.

But even so life has been a million times better than last year and I’ve only been sick twice in about six months, and with a boy who has just gone to school and a daughter there already, there is a LOT of opportunity to catch bugs.

My lymphocytes seem to be stable around 0.9 and 1. (0.9 last week). And so that is both good news and bad news. It would be great to be a solid 2.5 (range is 1-4). But seems the cancer is in those cells and they got to 52, actually it seems pretty ok. Neutrophils and other bits are all ok.

The remaining test is still immunoglobulin, which I’ve missed due to having to book in advance and then just rocking up. But that’s the last piece of the puzzle.

So all geared up for Xmas, as long as this cold and temperature does one.

One final thing is we have been working hard at the company I own with Patrick to become carbon neutral, and I’m pleased to say this should happen in February. We’ve reduced our footprint a lot, and can now offset the rest. So that’s a win. Carbon neutral IT support Company here we come.

So have a great Christmas and New year if I don’t post before (let’s hope I don’t with this fever) and I’ll speak to you soon(ISH) ok promise. Also here is a picture of my family at a Christmas light festival. Enjoy. :).