Hi all. Its been another two weeks since I last wrote, things seem to have got busy of late. The company I run with Patrick has been progressing and we are on a sales offensive (If you know anyone who needs IT Support or is moving office… well you know the plug).

Still its no excuse not to write. I wanted to say though that since my second set of results I have been thinking about my cancer far less. In some ways it has reset normality for me. In the period between the first diagnosis and the five months afterwards things were a bit bleak. I was worried about my own mortality and concerned about everything I was doing. If you consider life on a much shorter timescale, what is the point of the mundane things we do? Where does the balance lie between having fun and being responsible. Does saving for a mortgage really matter? We can’t all be the grasshopper who has fun all summer and then starves in the winter…

…Unless we only have the summer left. Then that sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Much better than dying after nonstop work.

Anyway that was the crux of my dilemma and I really don’t think I was myself in that time. Since I’ve written my latest book and have been getting my other book ‘Robert’ ready for release things have reached normality again and whilst some people think this is boring, there is an element of reliability about it. Seeing friends, networking, working, writing, a little spot of travelling. Its all pretty standard for the before diagnosis for me.

Now my results have come back and told me that I’m not going to be dead this year (excluding that often mentioned bus) I can get back on with the life plans and working out what I want for the next few years and beyond.

All a bit of navel gazing, but necessary I think. At times it is important to take your life and treat it line a snow globe, shaking to see what happens. That’s what the last six months feel like to me.

So work is going well, my creative endeavours are close to bearing fruit and I don’t think I am imminently going to be pushing up daises.

I like mundane, lets have more of this.