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Hi all, hope you are well. It’s been an interesting few weeks for me and it hard to believe I’ll be going in for my third sets of bloods in a month (26th of March) or so, six months comes around very quickly!

Still other than an infected wisdom tooth, with excruciating pain for a week until the antibiotics kicked in, all has been good. My condition really put in perspective the teeth and even though there were times I got two hours sleep due to pain, I did think I would put up with four times worse and not have cancer. Even so I was much happier with the teeth settling down!

Luckily the infection has gone and I’m now feeling fine. Not running has been a challenge, I do miss it, but without it I have zero symptoms, so again a real silver lining.

When I found out about all this I promised myself there were a number of things I would so. And publish a book was one of them. This is now about two weeks from being available on amazon, and the front cover and text is all done.

It will be self published, but as long as I get a good reception and sell a few I might or might not get a deal next time. Still it doesn’t matter. I’m just excited to get if out there.

Having weighed it up I’ve decided to give half of all proceeds I receive to a cancer charity. I don’t expect there will be any money from this after amazon fees (they take £4 from £6) but I don’t care. If I can raise why money on this front it will be a good thing to do.

In other news works been busy, in a good way, and I’ve been very happy in general. I know that’s not really news but I wanted to let fellow sufferers know things can be better and that diagnosis isn’t the end. If anything it’s kicked me into gear to get this book completed, something I may not have got round too!

I’ll keep you all posted. Have a great week or two!