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So the pain in my left side is back. My friend Mr Spleen seems to have got bored after six months on holiday and now wants to play. Apparently giving up running was only a temporary solution.

Its only twinged in the last day or two, but I could definitely feel it when I was playing table tennis. Its like before, when it started, but I’m not doing any running. Its paining me a little at points, but only sporadically. Hopefully it’s only been jarred by something and will disappear on holiday again in a few days! It’s not too painful though so I can handle this, although if you see me grab my side then, well, just ignore me 🙂

What I’m having much more of a problem with is fatigue. I’d only just defeated Major toothache when his superIor General Fatigue makes an appearance. I’ve felt really tired for a few days now. Not, I’m pretty busy tired, more I have no energy tired, even after a good nights sleep. Its like at points everything is an effort. It’s strange to feel the need to sit down after a walk for example. Maybe I’m just getting old :).
I’m still working hard and doing everything I want to but I feel at a low ebb of energy at points and want to sit down.

An example from Friday is that I was playing table tennis and then had to sit down, went pale, and felt faint. Food and a sugary soft drink sorted me out. I had missed breakfast, but this was new one on me.

I was rather hoping I would be symptomless indefinitely…

The only slight silver lining is that there would be periods in my past where I was exhausted for no reason and I always thought that I was fighting some infection off. Then the tiredness would go away. So it could be that.

Well except for the spleen pain.

Anyway I do have my doctors appointment in a few weeks (26 of March to be precise). I will monitor it until then. Kirk Bannister suggested I keep a fatigue diary, so I might give that a bash.

Its funny, it could be just because I’ve been uber-busy but when you have a condition any small thing worries you. I had managed to forget about it for a couple of months, but even so, I am reconciled to my condition so its not like when I was first diagnosed.

In other news my book is delayed and will be out soon, I promise. I am giving most of the proceeds to cancer charity (If you were cynical you could say I was hedging my bets).

I hope all of you are ok, and as always I will keep you posted. You know, if I’m not too tired ;).