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Hi guys, hope you are all well. I’ve been thinking about goals in life, things that you want to do or need to do but often don’t get the chance to (see publishing a book http://www.amazon.co.uk/Robert-Mr-Marcus-Evans/dp/1495975606/ref=tmm_pap_title_0). (over 200 sold)

I’m trying to think about things I want to do over the next five years. This may sound organised but then if you don’t make an effort with these things then they won’t happen! When you get told you have cancer it focuses the mind, but you need to make sure that it focuses it in a good way.

What I want this blog post to be is a selection of comments from you, the reader, about what you would do if you were diagnosed with cancer and were unsure as to how long you were going to live. Assume its at least a few years. Ignore the first part of fear, denial and all of those bad things, but focus on what you might think differently about, what you might want to achieve or goals that would push into your mind when you were previously happy to coast.

If you could write me a comment after reading this, I will then add each comment onto the page to create a interactive wall of peoples goals and what they want to achieve. I think this would be a really interesting experiment to see who reads this, who interacts and also how people feel about this issue.

Thanks for taking part. 🙂 see your comment below…

1) Learn to dance (properly)
2) Sing at an open mic night
3) Round the world ticket purchase (and go!)
Currently thinking of 4 and 5…i assume I’m allowed marrying Mr P?!


Well I’m yr 5 of SMZL, I don’t worry so much about what people think,not that I ever did..I drink great red wine,visit great places,enjoy the company of friends and family.. My needs and wants are simple..I want to laugh, and smile and feel safe. Nothing exciting or life altering but energy is limited and best spent on fun


Obviously I would mostly get on with going everywhere I haven’t been, but maybe I would bully/persuade/pay for friends and family to come with me and share the adventures.
On a random (but serious) note – the only things I can think of that I’d like to do, but don’t, but I may if I knew I didn’t have loads of years to worry about is eat and drink indiscriminately, and try a whole load of drugs…because would it matter if I got fat/unhealthy/a dicky liver/a small crack problem???


Travel somewhere knew every year!
Do a free standing headstand with ease!
Stay chilled, be !


You’ve already traveled to every continent…I would continue to travel if it were me and that was my passion. I would also ride in a hot air balloon, as cliche as that sounds. And, I would move to the country, go white water rafting more often, improve at repelling, invest in that sweet camera housing (Nauticam!), go scuba diving, take a vacation from the mountains to chase a few tornadoes with the camera, get that three-wheeled motorcycle for hard-to-reach places, jump on a coal cart on a train and take it through to the next few towns over, take the Amtrak to New York and Chicago (to the BEAN!). Oh, and quit my day job mixing paint and selling Home Improvement goods right now, even before Uni is completely over. 😉 Enjoy it!


I am going on three years post cancer surgery and I would and am travelling with my best friend( husband) as much as we can. Enjoying every day and keeping in contact with family as they too are effected.
I admire the way that you have forged ahead and done a multitude of things at we’re important to you.


I would like to see more of the world. Dance, laugh and continue to learn, the day you stop learning is the day you die.


I would like to get married. I would quit my job and be a full time mum to Thea creating happy memories and helping her to grow and develop as a child. I would go and see my sister in Australia and travel to South East Asia (with Thea as well). I would be more diligence about staying in contact with friends and family as it is too easy to get wrapped up in your own world. I would buy Jonathan a fishing boat. I would learn to sing properly and write a song. I would write a children’s book about a little pea. x


Before having a baby…….I would go to every formula 1 race in the season


It’s always been my dream to go travelling with my children, maybe take them out of school for a year. Fred’s not yet six months old so I might wait a while but this is a dream I see not happening unless I were pushed into doing it by something like a life-limiting illness. In the meantime I’d have another child, because the first one’s so awesome!


Firstly I would make sure my family was financially secure. I wouldn’t consider anything frivolous until that was affirmed. I would love to travel with my family, attend a Rugby World Cup final and then retire to my mother-in-law’s house in France to live out my days in idyllic bliss surrounded by the people I love the most.