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Hello everyone. It occurs to me I haven’t posted on here since the ice bath challenge (https://spleniclymphoma.com/2014/08/29/ice-bucket-challenge-time-to-take-things-a-little-bit-further/). Someone emailed to check I hadn’t died. I haven’t. I hope that clears that up.

With the doctors appointment now imminently coming up (24th September, 9:30, give or take waiting times) I would suspect I have been thinking about my condition a little more.

It does seem to have settled down though, in terms of dwelling on it. The broad 6 month cycles give me a few months ‘off’ from worrying about results and the like. I also had a first a week or so ago when I wet a whole day without thinking about it. or at least I think I did, who monitors all of their thoughts? At least I didn’t think about it much.

The tiredness seems to have disappeared too, so that’s a win. Jut once in a while I get fatigued, its no so bad. All in all feel in pretty good health. The spleen remains unhurty (I’m a writer…) and hasn’t really bothered me in over a year of having given up running. I guess I’ll just see how my bloods go, results first week of October.

Aside from this the whole house thing is still ongoing. It turns out my conveyance is a ‘fuckwit.’ (pardon my Anglo-Saxon). He doesn’t respond to emails and went on holiday for a month without telling me, judging by the six unanswered emails over three weeks. Even so we seem to be edging closer, but I’m not holding out full hope that we will hit the revised date of September, as the current owner will still need to vacate. All in all very unsatisfactory. Still at least this time I’m not sofa surfing (thanks Patrick) so we can just wait it out.

On another note I do feel a little bit guilty how many hours of computer game I’ve been playing in the last few weeks and how little writing. I had planned to get a few short stories done, but I’ve been most remiss. I guess I just need to be in the mood.

Which brings me to a question. Normally I would try and raise some money by doing a run. Seems that is off the table I was wondering if people could consider it a sponsorship thing for me to do a sponsored write. Basically in November try and write over 110000 words in the month. (Nearly 4000 words a day). Its an aggressive limit but I thing I could hit it. The only thing is I’m not sure that’s a thing that people sponsor for. What do you readers think?

Either way the next week proves to be very interesting with the Scottish vote. I’ve been following it very closely and I really hope they elect to remain part of the United Kingdom. Aside from all of the questions that have been raised about the viability of an independent Scotland, the whole media angle of Team Scotland vs team Westminster (thank you Mr Salmond) seems very misleading. You can be pro Scotland AND pro union. It just seems that what should be a debate about a new way of running things and a new ethos has become the same as any election fight, fuelled by rhetoric, from both sides, and a lack of solid argument. The better together campaign has let themselves see it as a fiscal argument (i.e you would be better with us, because you’ll have more money) and only now are they seeing it as an emotive emotional argument. Mr Salmond has done very well on this score, and although I remain to be convinced of how successful a Scottish state would be, I think its entirely up to the Scottish people and they have a right to make their own minds up. I just wish the media and parties hadn’t muddied the water so much…

Anyway, I could (and often do) go on for hours. I’ll leave you be and hope that it all turns out ok, and by all I mean everything discussed here.

Look forward to more graphs from me in a few weeks….