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Good News

For all of those who have been waiting with baited breath and six months to the week.

Great success! House exchanged and will complete on the 17th of October. Almost four years to the day since we signed for the last one.

I am most excited because it has taken since April to sort this out! To celebrate Jo and I are going on holiday to Romania to hunt vampires. With a trip to Castle Bran we hope to get a genuine sighting of Dracula! Failing that we thought we might lurk in the pine forests and see how many Goths we can stake.

Back on the 18th in prep to get keys…. so they may have to wait for a few days…. they made us wait 🙂

So go Team Witham!

Other than this still waiting on my blood test results. Its been a week and a half so expect them this week. Would it be too much to ask to have great news twice in a week…