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Hi everyone. Just a quick update to let you know how it all goes. I had my blood test results last week and that should have been something of a relief, but for some reason I have been thinking about my condition more than usual in my quiet moments. Last year I thought about having lymphoma a lot, but then managed to shelve it for nine months or so. For some reason it’s started to prey on my mind again, with lots of fun thoughts about life expectancy and mortality. Plans for the future and the like. I guess this could be a biproduct of moving house and taking another big step in my life, reminding me of how finite it might be.

On the slightly less morbid and reflective side, what with moving house, jury service, sorting out the new house, work being busy and generally running around my quiet times have been fairly limited.

Still it would seem that things you think you put to bed can rear their head without warning. I thought I had dealt with everything on an emotional level last year but as it transpires it’s a continual process and anything can spark off worry for a few weeks. I guess that’s just one of the things to cope with. I will point out how lucky I am though. Many people get cancer and then a year later aren’t around anymore. I’ve, so far, been treatment free for nearly a year and a half since diagnosis and have been having a great time in the last year without too much concern. i should probably Count your blessings as they say rather than dwell on things, but when you are alone it gets difficult to remember than sometimes.

Other than that the house is almost there, I will post a follow up with before and after pictures. A bit blurry but they still show what we’ve done. The big day to move in is Saturday, so wish us luck.

Aside from this and work (which is going from strength to strength, we may be recruiting again before too long) I have been very neglectful of my writing but am not massively in the mood to do much. This is fairly typical though as I get enthusiastic and driven for a month or two followed by hiatuses when I lose impetus. I do need to edit a couple of books to inch them closer to publication, but also have a great idea for a new one. Hohum, I guess I should edit…

Thanks everyone for continuing to follow my ramblings. I am always humbled by peoples support, with Paul running a half marathon and Claire and Kelly signing up to a full for my charity of choice. I couldn’t ask for better friends and family (well I could but that would be greedy :))

I’ll give you an update when we’re all settled in. Until then, have a good week!