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With masses of house moving and the like I have been to busy to do writing or any other blog post (or indeed had time to think about my results. I am feeling much better about things anyway). Whilst moving I found a cd my Nanny had made for me ages ago (bless her). She is so far advanced in tech than most people I know and managed to take a dvi from her TV.

Anyway on the cd was the TV quiz show I happened to be on a few years back. it was called the Great Pretender and was fronted by Chris Tarrant. It was in November 2007 (I’m pretty sure) and was broadcast on the ITV.  The purpose of the show was to answer quiz questions, but then prove to the others that you hadn’t got enough right to be winning.

(please bear in mind trying to skip adverts results in it restarting, you can pause though if you get bored and want to come back later :))

Its a little complicated but it shows it well enough. They did cut it though so you don’t see me steer the rest of the show onto a tangent. I won’t say any more, but feel free to ask once you’ve watched it.

(on a side note I shaved a big beard to look that young and clueless… all part of the game plan :))