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Hi chaps and chappets. Sorry about the radio silence. I’ve been really busy, but yet, don’t seem to have achieved much. Regardless I’m still alive and in fairly good shape, so there’s nothing to worry about.

I did do the Santa run in the end. It was 5k and I ran the whole way. The slight fly in the ointment was that my overlarge trousers kept falling down, so I had to hold them up from 2k to the end, but at least I finished. All done in just under 24 minutes, which is much slower than I used to, but with no training for a year and a half it was pretty good.

Also no pain in the spleen. That said it was never a pain from one off runs that hit me and stopped me running, just more when I do continued exercise over a few days. I have only had one or two twinges since I stopped running and most of those come form if I walk 10 miles or so in a day for a few days. I guess the impact of that is the same as running a shorter distance.

I have another few months until I go to the doctors for my appointment. The gap between the two is nine months this time, and with the chart I would think treatment would be needed in 5 or 6 years, unless things get worse. so no overt symptoms, no tiredness and no general sickness, its all looking ok.

I have been somewhat remiss on my writing too, not having really done any since the book I wrote in Jan this year. The excuse of waiting for my mother to edit it seems a little longwinded. Maybe its time I wrote another one whilst I waited… I do have a few good ideas…

Work has been somewhat challenging too, with Nutbourne (mine and Patrick’s company) going from strength to strength. We have had a great month, and a good year and have recruited a new first line tech to start in Jan. We also put up a new website ( http://www.nutbourne.com ) so feel free to have a look.

Anyway prepping for Christmas now, so all go and have fun, and the next post will either be a philosophical one, or an informative one about new cancer research.

As always, I’ll keep you posted 🙂