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Hello all,

No symptoms of Splenic Lymphoma, so all good (until the next blood test.) I am also running a 5k with my co-workers at Nutbourne (www.nutbourne.com). Whilst 5k is no sweat I am a little nervous as I haven’t run since I gave up last year, because of the spleen. Sponsorship for this would be gratefully appreciated and considering its a little bit more of a big deal than it would normally all are gratefully appreciated and it goes to a cancer charity. https://www.justgiving.com/Nutbourne/ (make it clear its for me as well, I have to reach an amount myself :))

I hope you had a good week and nothing untoward happened. I got a lot of interest from my house pictures last week, so I thought what the hell, lets do it again.

Things are going apace with work due to be completed by next Wednesday so we can stop finding dust in our cereal and relax into the new house, until the next project anyway.

So the house.

Firstly I have to thank my two workers, Steve, my uncle who is a very handyman, and Michael, who is a very quick and skilled painter decorator.


Steve, with Saw (he likes to be posing, must be from his supermodel days),

Michael with a surprised look. bless.

So house photos. First the stair comparisons, then the kitchen and finally the sun room floor.


Stairs minus carpet

Stairs with one side painted (half a job Steve, that's half a job)

Stairs with one side painted (half a job Steve, that’s half a job)


Old kitchen in professional photo.


Look, no tiles.


New tiles, slate and big. Now we just need a new worktop (at a later date).


If you look hard you can see the sunroom floor. Yeah, it sucks.


Mid tiling


Tiled 🙂

Finally, I have a view of the fireplace before and after with that god awful wallpaper gone, see below.


I hate the wallpaper, carpet and surround…

Completed floor and fireplace

Much better 🙂

So with all those photos on here you must be getting a pretty good idea of what it all looks like.

Roll on the end of the project and last photos, also I will write up our auction we went to and show you what we bought… exciting right?

Anyway, keep well and don’t forget to sponsor :@)