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Howdy y’all. I hope you are all geared up for new years. A large glass of bubbly, some food and a bout of Ault langs syne, where no one knows all the words but the ones you do you’ll shout as loud as you can, gosh darn it!

I am off to Warwick for a fancy dress pub party. Things starting with the letter D.  I’m going to be a deer, Jo is going to be Dolly the sheep. My idea but her leg work and being bothered to get it together so she is clearly making more of an effort than me.

So I went to St Barts Whitechapel branch, the gastro-entomology yesterday for a 12:30 appointment. I was finally seen at 2:30 which is not the longest I’ve had to wait, but still a long time to wait for a nice man to examine my back passage (clue, not the one at my house).

He was nice once we got in there though, so can’t fault the doctor (as has always been the way).

So long story short when I went last time they put a two week wait on it the next meeting. This means of they didn’t see me within two weeks they miss their target. So I had essentially the same meeting again so they didn’t fail some target. touch my organs. Check. Get into foetal position. Check. Gel on finger. Check. And then, well you get the picture.

So other than finding out I have an unremarkable back passage. (well I ask you, I thought it was pretty clean, we used to have a cleaner.) I then find out, yes even though I have had no more red, where it should be Brown, incidents he would put me in for a routine colonoscopy within six weeks. Having got myself the pills which clear you out (read bad curry) I will await the phone call.

I was given the option to be desensitized with drugs, but you might not remember it afterwards. So no drugs for me, otherwise how can i share? the things I do for blogging…

The other interesting thing is that before I knew I had to have a colonoscopy I didn’t know anyone who had had one. Now I know seven people who have been very informative nd supportive. Not one said it was like a night at the theatre, but I look forward to the paper boxers I’ll get to wear and seeing another part of Me. At this rate I’ll have seen everything. Talk about getting to know yourself better.

So anyway have a great new year. I still have to find that article about latest Lymphoma treatments, my fellow sufferer Sam mentioned (thanks for comments everyone). I’ll catch you on the flip side. Oh and enjoy a picture of my beard. I worked hard on it and like all things in life it’ll be gone before you know it, so treasure it whilst it lasts (or grow your own and store food in it, like I do) keep well everyone!