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‘Hello old friend, I was hoping you would come. Why don’t you pull up a chair by the fire. The snow is coming down out there isn’t it! Oh him? Just push him off the chair he doesn’t mind. Tea, coffee? No problem. I suspected you were stopping by so I brewed a fresh batch.

Yes, just leave it on the bannister. Here, let me help you.

All settled? Oh not bad thank you. I’ve had a good few weeks at work, brisk but enjoyably busy. I have a big business conversation this morning as well, you know talking shop with a new prospective client. Well yes, fingers crossed, one can never be sure with the capricious others.

Actually no. Since booking my first meeting about the blood in the… Yes, always embarrasing to just come out and say it, too stiff upper lip and British. Still writing it is much easier. More sanguine when describing the sanguine, or in this case positively crimson.

Anyway as I was saying I have the Appointment booked in next week. On Wednesday.

Another top up? No? Yes, well the prep seems a lot worse than the actual endoscopy. I have rechristened Tuesday next week as evacuation day. Yes droll I know. In pill form and then I’m to stay near the toilet and wear loose fitting clothes.

An awful bore actually, but one must perservere. The worse bit is the enforced dieting. No food for 24 hours, but only soft soups and broths for the day before that. Oh ravenous I have no doubt. Although I seem to recall you always had quite the hunger.

Ho ho, that miss Nicholls sounds a real battleaxe. You’ll have to tell me when you next see her.

Ah, yes we were talking about it before we got side tracked by your delictations of womanly delicacies. Oh you want to hear more about my adventure. First they dress you with sartorial elegance in a paper robe. I hear from that fine lady Mrs Burgess the paper boxer shorts are quite jocular in appearance. Well a video camera is inserted. Hopefully the gel will go on. Then I can either choose a sedative or not. Rather not I think old chum. Want to keep my faculty when in the faculty. Haha yes hospitable in the hospital, good one, you are a wag.

I’ll record how it all goes in the journal anyhow. All pretty straightforward, just a little bit of a pain in the bum. Hmm? Oh yes, I didn’t see that. Haha.

Otherwise health is good. The cancer seems to be in abeyance, well last time it was checked in December. Next test in the summer. The house is good too thanks, having some japes with chums on Sunday. Well one shouldn’t grumble. Plenty of people going through worse.
I just hope all of the readers of my journal are doing well.

Go? No you must stay. We have shepherds pie in the offing and I venture there might be a flagon or two of scrumpie by the by.

Oh well if you must. I’ll get that for you. Regards to the family. We’ll have to meet up soon when I dont dominate the conversation. Ha, quite right I guess I do rather.

Oh it’s blowy out there, sure you won’t stay? Well ok. Take care old friend, let’s catch up next week.