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Howdy all, it feels like its been a while since I dumped my brain on here. So with there being no time like the present and with a train journey staring me in the face, I’ll begin.

No great changes in my life since the last blog two weeks ago. Perhaps the most annoying thing that happened was that I began writing my new book. ‘Why is that annoying?’ I hear you cry (actually I don’t as that would be suggestive of mental illness). Well it turned out another book with basically the same plot was brought out five years ago and they made a film of it recently. I had never heard of the book but when describing the plot someone said, so basically the ‘maze Runner.’ Having looked it up, yes it was basically the maze runner. So in a fit of pique I dumped the chapters I had done and sulked for a bit.

Not all is lost though comrades! I have another idea. It’s maybe not as good, but it’s all about the delivery anyway. Also with Nanowrimo starting in two weeks (national writing month), where people try and get 50k words written in a month, I think we’ll see what comes from it.

In other news we have finished gardening for another year, all the leaves are now indeed Brown and the sky is grey. We had a good crop this year, so its been positive for our first year in a new garden. Roll on next year.

So to the main purpose of the blog. My cancer. Having been a few months since my last test I have no idea really how this one is going. I have made one lifestyle change though, I’ve got fit again. Mostly it’s the fitbit and walking, but I’ve lost a stone since late August. Turns out if you turn walking into a competition I do more of it. I was walking about 15-20k steps a day anyway, but now I have a little league in which I compete. I like wearing trousers I had consigned to the bin of yesterday. I don’t think I’ll lose much more bit 13 stone is pretty good, and I’ve filled out since school.

With all this in mind I wonder how my white cells are progressing. I had my slowest growth yet last test, and I was basically a slob. Will doing more excercise basically increase the white cells more, less or the same. I don’t know so it’s a strange situation to be pushing to be fit, whilst not being sure if it’s counter productive to the white cell growth.

Wouldn’t it be horribly ironic if by staying fit my white cells increased quicker? Yet being unfit makes me feel flabby and, well, unfit I guess (it’s early cut my writing brain some slack).

I guess I can only wait and see with the next test, without pushing myself too hard. I can run but not as fast as I can, so maybe being more considered in my other excercise (bag boxing, walking) might be sensible. I guess I’ll have to wait and see and draw conclusions then. I’m not sure I should stop working out altogether but we’ll see if it has any effect either way.

I guess the annoying thing is that anything I do differently won’t show its effect until my next bloods. So I’ll just have to wait and see.

Also this week one of my good friends gave me an article on leukaemia advancements and reprogramming certain cells to eat leukaemia cells. I haven’t fully digested (hoho) the article yet, but when I have read some more evidence of it I’ll blog that. Seems a new interesting angle. Much in the cancer
research world is pretty exciting at the moment. So I’ll keep you posted on that too!

Until then keep being your amazing selves and if I haven’t spoken to you in a while, make contact. Life is short, so make contact, the least we can do is grab a coffee and I can bore you with some talk of my new book.