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So as I reflect on my sogginess and overall drowned rat look I realise that Autumn has pretty much kicked Summer in the stomach, beat him to the ground, and quietly disposed of his body.

This week was our year anniversary of moving to delightful Witham, and with houses being as expensive as ever we are pretty confident most of our remaining Chelmsford friends will be joining us by the by in Witham. People in Chelmsford often look down on Witham as a poor relative and find it tough to reconcile with having to live there (until they get there, then they just deal with it). On the plus side for those who don’t like it, we all spend so much time commuting it doesn’t really matter where you live :). It just gives you more bang for your buck, being that bit further out. With season tickets now being around the £5000 mark a year (which is ridiculous) the lower prices are attractive.

On the plus side the season ticket allows you unlimited access to the congested rail network that seems to have zero investment, even though they justify the season ticket price as a means to invest. Ultimately, with no other decent way to get to London, you rather have to just take your medicine. I begrudge the money though, and like all people prefer to spend it on something I enjoy.

Which leads me to our house. We are now getting some more work done (yay! I love a project) and I have an architect coming round tonight. Those who know me know I am never happier than when I am organising a house project (see loft conversion in London a few years back) so I have been enthusiastically fag packet drawing plans which the architect will no doubt look at and inquire if my nephew did then.

Basically we want some iteration of,

Knocking out a supporting wall to enlarge the kitchen.
Converting the garage to a study.
Building on top of the garage to get another bedroom.
Building a new downstairs bathroom.

When we bought the house Jo’s stipulation was a big garden. I wanted a scope for projects. We seem to have both won on this front.

With Winter putting on his knuckle dusters behind Autumn I guess what will really help keep the chill out is a whacking great hole in the house but I like the cold, so it could be worse :).

Whilst writing my rambling update I have slowly dried out, helped by the slow running of my train. Obviously for the price of a season ticket they throw in delays and being forced into the armpit of a stranger (although as the taller one, I have people forced into mine. Poor bastards, may God have mercy on their souls). So once the study in our house is up and running maybe I’ll be able to work from home. That way I won’t have to be put on these sweaty meat carts anymore. What do you reckon Patrick?

Of course if we have to spend all our time working from home, then it does matter where you live… But luckily for me I like Witham, so as long as I’m ok, that’s the important thing ;).