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That’s right folks I can confirm 100% that Jo and I are going to have a baby. Oh, what’s that? You thought it might be a joke post like last time? Well no.

Turns out we have a lot more to thank Mongolia for than a minor bout of dysentery. Without a doubt that’s when Jo got up duff, her words not mine. Luckily we were trying, otherwise that could have been an awkward post holiday conversation.

Our baby is due on Star Wars day, May the 4th be with you. Should have expected it really, what with the family birthdays as they are, very clustered. There are 12 of us in a two week period, with myself, my sister and my granddad on the 29th of April, so that’s a solid bet as well.

We are both very happy, but still find it a bit surreal. We had the second scan last week (20 weeks), but deliberately didn’t find out the sex of the baby, gotta love surprises 🙂 Otherwise it was a healthy looking baby, with a normal heart beat, and all the other checks coming back as positive.

On the sex, I really don’t care if its a boy or girl anyway. I will teach it the same things either way. Jo feels quite strongly about not tailoring education to sex anyway, and she is right, I would be happy with a female engineer or a male nursery school teacher as a child, as long as they are happy.

I equally wouldn’t mind if they were gay, or straight, good at sports or not. All I ask is that they don’t like Justin Bieber or get a Justin Bieber Calendar, and that can’t be too hard can it? I suppose by the time they get to the age, he’d be long gone, so any equivalent of the Bieber would be good to avoid. Other than that, I’m happy.

So great news all things considered. That said I have been considering bringing up a child with my condition and decided to go ahead. I’ll write my thoughts on this in a later blog. It was a big decision and I know some other sufferers might be interested, although most are a lot older than I am anyway. I also promise to blog a bit more often, its been a long time since I posted. I have a couple o things I thought I might write about, so the next two posts are figured out. I also have my next appointment in March, which has snuck up, so there is that to consider. But for now, I’m not.

So a baby. We have names. No we aren’t telling. I am resolute in one thing about this. I won’t become that dad who shares a million photos of a cure baby. Not going to happen. If I do post more than the occasional one feel free to respond with, I don’t care and I’ll take the point.

I will also try and be a good dad, but am in no delusions how much of a life change this will be. A lot of it will be learn as you go, which sounds surprisingly like all aspects of life. I’m looking forward to it.

Thanks for reading and have a good Christmas and New Year.