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See, I promised you that I had a video of me eating a scorpion. Thanks China for your culinary delights. For those who want to know what it tasted like, read to the bottom.

Howdy folks. I hope you have had a good three weeks. Some major shit has been happening in the world outside, but hopefully none of you have been directly effected by it, although I suspect we have all been affected by it to some degree. Its horrible when your world is rocked, as it was on Friday, and there is not much that can be done to right it again, only time.

I have personally been very busy writing. As responses go its pretty weak, but other than be appalled there is actually nothing much we can do as individuals, other than give to charities, which I do on a fairly regular basis.

For those of who don’t know its NANOWRIMO again, or to the uninformed National Writing Month. This is a month where writers sign up and try and write 50000 words in a month. This amounts to 1667 words a day.

Now I’ve always been somewhat blessed with both my speed and volume of writing. Some people take hours to write  single paragraph, I tend to write much quicker and go back and edit later. I would admit that their writing is probably better than mine, but I try and polish it later.

Last time I did Nano I completed it in 10 days, which was something of a PB. This time round I have had challenges at work, and also other things going on so I plan to do it in 20. meaning I should get it done in the next three days or so (no pressure).

Now I had something of a setback, with my original idea already being done, but never fear, I had a new idea, or at least took an old one and dusted it off. The new book of which 40000 words exist, is a real world book, with just a hint of weirdness. (it wouldn’t;t be mine unless it had that). Its nothing like Robert (still available at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Robert-Marcus-Evans-ebook/dp/B00J5DWMF4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1447799065&sr=8-1&keywords=robert+marcus+evans)

and should be less controversial. We’ll see. In the background I still have the time travel book, which is being edited, and a whole heap of others (rubbish mainly) which are destined for the long term scrap heap.

Aside from the writing I have been walking a lot. Mainly to keep fit but also because I bought a fitbit and have had something of a competition with my chums. I say a competition. Those of you who know me may know I might be slightly competitive. Consequently I haven’t lost a weekly challenge for the last two months. Still I’ve also shifted a stone and a bit, so that’s all to the good.

That said I’m looking forward to the doctors face when I next get tested to see how much further my friendly and attentive lymphoma has developed and he sees I’ve lost so much wait. I might tell him its exercise, but before I do he’s bound to be worried, I won’t keep him in suspense.

The other upshot is that after losing the weight none of my trousers fit me. this means I have to go shopping (again as those who know me will attest shopping and spending money on clothes are not my strong points). Still I can buy clothes online can’t I?

Anyway the long and the short of these ramblings are to say I’m all good. Life is good and I am writing, so if I ignore you, well firstly get over it, and secondly, its not malicious.

Thanks for looking in and I’ll just leave you footage of me eating a scorpion, which I would imagine you have viewed at least once. (thanks Michael for getting me this and for you and Pete keeping us company in both Mongolia and some of China). The three of them were alive on the stick, surrounded by lots of other sticks with live scorpions. Then they deep fried it.

Oh and it tasted like a crisp, but soggier, like a crisp with something gooey inside. That goo was insect insides. Which is not that nice when you think about it. Still it didn’t make me feel ill, so still better than fermented mares milk or all of the food in Mongolia. (Ed and Abby have only just recovered :))