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Howdy all. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster week (not Alton Towers), but Grace is now 8 days old, and seems to finally have the whole breastfeeding thing down. Honestly though, its hard right? Didn’t realise quite how tough it would be.

Both mother and baby are fine and we are now concentrating on sleeping, feeding and generally surviving. It doesn’t matter though as Grace is brilliant, so we have been well rewarded already.

Anyway we got there. I also have permission from Jo to post up some photos. I am putting them in my blog as its a decent way to keep them together.

These photos are a few from the last few days, and I don’t intend to make a habit of sharing baby photos, as who wants o be that guy. Still lots of people have asked for them so see some below. They are in reverse order, but little has changed in eight days 🙂 (Update: I have persuaded Jo to be in one)

Finally I do now have my results from the blood tests, but with everything else going on i’ve not had time to go through them and analyse them. I’ll put something up next week with a graph 🙂