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Hi All. Time passes swiftly and it’s been nearly two months since I posted. I struggle to find the time at points to do this, so service will likely be once a month or so From now on, sometimes more if i have the time, Grace willing.

Firstly all the outside of cancer stuff is going well. Grace is now nearly six months, And continues to delight and tire me, by degrees. She can say one word now, which people tell me is good progress, but would only mean she has twenty by the age of ten…. Maybe I expect too much :).

House project is on hold until next year, as we don’t want to knock a section Of The house down until spring, oddly enough.

Business is booming at Nutbourne, And I’ve been working on this scholarship course I got onto called 10,000 small businesses. It’s about 16 weeks and has three residentials, as well as a lot of teaching about the fundamentals to run a company. All the accommodation is paid for and the group is really good, but more about that another time.

So onto blood tests. For those of you who keep an eagle eye on such things, I never posted my last results. Equally I am now due to have my St Bart’s appointment until December. Luckily we subscribe to a BUPA package for all of our team, And so it was my turn to run a barrier of tests. One Of The fitness test threw up some fun results.

I’ve always considered myself very fit. In the age range I came out in the 19th percentile for fitness, meaning 81 percent of people are fitter than me at 33.
Travesty I hear you cry (as I did) And the lady at the test offered me a retrial for free (showing how confused we were).

Well the way they measured it was by what fuel I was burning as I exercised and my heart rate rose. Theoretically you should burn fat once you reach a certain heart rate, And this is why exercise helps you lose weight. On my case I got to the Max heart rate they wanted without burning any fat. It was all sugar. This is far less efficient and would suggest I was pretty unfit. You only have about two hours of exercise sugar in you before you get very tired indeed.

Now the reason I got diagnosed in the first place was that I had a pain in my side, but also I would become unreasonably tired after six or seven miles, more so than normal. I still get very tired after sustained exercise. Having spoken to a sports scientist I think it possible that my condition means I burn sugar instead of fat, something which would effect my long distance stamina.

I haven’t read anything about this happening anywhere, but seems everyone who gets my condition is usually over 60, I’m not sure they would check this out.

Also it times oddly with my condition developing, as before this j was able to run for hours with no problems.

So I think it’s possible I have spotted a side effect that isn’t widely known from my condition. Still I will flag it up and see what they say.

I also got my blood test results, in a graph below. When I got my April ones my white cells has increased again to 27, where they were much higher than previously. This was a little sad at the time as it’s the March Of The White Blood Cells which will result in me needing treatment and ultimately will be what kills me.

This time the were 20. That’s right. So down to my 2014 level. Quite the fluctuation. This was extremely positive, and was also unexpected (they did leave a note on the results saying for me to speak to a haematologist

as I may have cancer… Oh wait).



I’m comparison my red platelets had dropped, from 180 to 150, just at the low realms of normal. One factor for this could be my large spleen, And they do suggest if this drops too low I get it whipped out. I’ll have to discuss this with the prof when I next see him.


If not it could mean taking blood from donors, so I can boost my platelet numbers. This again would be a bit of a change. For now though it is still normal, And what with the sleep I’ve been having, could just be a reflection on me being run down due to a small person who wakes me up a lot. Not Jo, but the other one.

Either way a lot to think about and discuss with the prof.

Congrats if you stuck it out though this, it’s been longer than normal, but my results were certainly interesting. I guess we’ll see how I’m doing in three months, although as mentioned above, I will try to blog before then :).

Hope all you folks are keeping well. Comment on here if you would be kind enough to, And let me know.