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Welcome to an update. Its exciting, its new, and its hitting your eyes as we speak.

I have had a very busy few weeks, some of which is down to the smallest member of my family, who we have affectionately named ‘Chicken-Frog’ but lots is down to work and having great things to do. As a reward for bearing with me I have taken a photo of her that I hope a major chain might pick up and pay us some money… fingers crossed.



Highlights are the double header wedding, in which I saw a lot of brilliant old friends at a Saturday wedding (some of whom may be reading this) , and the following day was lucky enough to catch up with Jo’s lovely family at a Sunday wedding (who we don’t see often enough, some of whom may be reading this). It was a great weekend and both weddings were top notch with no detail left unattended.

Interestingly for the whole weekend I only had one person ask how my health was, a new pb. I always appreciate it when people ask but if everyone asked it may get a little tiresome. There’s only so many ways you an say watch and wait, eventually treatment but right now just the steadily raising white count. Still its lovely when people do ask (thanks Matt).

I was asked far more often how it was to be a dad. Unfortunately I don’t have a more creative answer for that, just ranging from brilliant, there’s more hours in the day, but less energy to use them, and brilliant. Seriously though its beyond anything I expected being a dad. Having a tiny scrap of life depending on you is both incredibly rewarding, pretty scary and, as I may have mentioned, tiring. Needless to say I now have a bit more driving under my belt, which is all to the good. So for those of you who live in Witham (2 more now ;)) you can probably come outside, although maybe keep the crash helmets on for a little while longer.

Going to the first wedding and seeing my friends (who I have known since we were 16 and who I hadn’t been so good at times in keeping touch with) made me realise how fleeting time is. When you don’t book trips in to see people, nor make time, a year can pass. Emily, one of my good friends, I hadn’t seen since I was diagnosed. (which according to my countdown timer was 3 years and one month ago). Shocking. Some of it is proximity, but some of it is disorganisation. Its harder than ever now with a child, and I’m lucky to have so many good friends on my doorstep and at work.

Ramblingly I guess I wanted to say that having Grace has made me reassess my priorities, and realise that seeing your friends and people you get on with is important. Somehow you have to make time for that, seeing your family, working and having some time for yourself. Easy really. Let me know how you guys get on with that…