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Hi folks. I am currently on holiday in Cyprus for a friend’s wedding. There are many upsides to this, sun, all inclusive food, many Pina coladas. There are a few downsides. Sharing a single room with a toddler and baby. Still it’s nice to be out doing something different and the days male up for the nights 🙂

Anyway I have included a few holiday snaps. I thought I should make the most of the leisure time, as it looks like on Sunday I will be in a fair amount of pain. For now, we are having a great time as a family, and are enjoying the swimming!


In the last one Avery had a bit to much of the old.pina coladas, but he got home ok 🙂

I also know I have a very long walk in six days. I meant to do some training, honestly I did. Other than a few one hour walks I just haven’t got round to it. So I am now settling on rested for my 24 hour walking spree. I’ll get as rested as I can and then go as far as I can in the time. Easy no?

Also I am nudging closer to having to get waxed. This is ok by me as it means team awesome (or all the people walking) will have raised £5000. As it stands we are on around £3700 so all to play for with six days to go.

I am on £1560 and have a goal of £2000 so if you would be kind enough to donate that would be brilliant. It’s going to be painful, but worth it for the charity. With six days left I am.keen to get to my goal, and I really could use your help for it :).


Thanks so much everyone who has done so already, and for those many people walking in Witham, Leeds and Warwick. You are all exceedingly kind and it means a lot to me.

I also promise to get back to writing about my conditioning once this is all done. On the day I will post every few hours to let you know how I’m getting on, and if I get waxed I’ll obviously record that. Otherwise the next post will be on latest treatments, of which there are some exciting ones!

All in all it’s been an interesting few weeks. Since I put the walk up I’ve been thinking about my condition more, and so im now also feeling a bit more energised about my blog. It’s been much more sporadic of post since I had kids, who knew they kept you busy? ;).

I’m also very keen to get this money on, as added to the other monies raised from my book sales we would be at around £7000. I have also had a friend agree to do a charity gig on August for the charity, so 10k is just around the corner. :).

Thanks everyone for all your help and for listening to my rambles for the last five years. I hope you are all well and I’ll post again, a few times, on Sunday 🙂

Please give any amount you can, no matter how little.