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So, with little training, but some planning I’ll be heading out at midnight tonight to do a 24 hour walk (still time to sponsor https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/marcus-evans8 ).

This is to celebrate five years without the need for treatment after being diagnosed with cancer. It’s been tough at times but I thought if anything was worth celebrating this would be!

I have a great bunch of friend who will tag in and out every step of the way. I also will be getting a bag of food and water together to always have a travel buddy.

Throughout the day I see new friends every few hours as people join and leave, and this should keep me motivated as we go :).

I will also blog as I go, trying to out messages over every time I reach a milestone. I’ll do little videos, so expect to see how I’m going. :).

If anyone wants to join I’ll be in Witham all day, so just call me.

We have also, as a great group, collected £5235, so I am going to get a full body wax in two or three weeks and record it. Something to look forward to….

If we get to 6k I’ll shave my beard and 8k I’ll do my head….

Its an inspirational group of people who have raised money, and with a splinter walk in Warwick, Barby, Leeds I am genuinely touched with people’s approach to this.

First off are Liv and Clare doing two separate midlands walks at midday today.

Then I’m out at midnight and at day break the Warwick team go out for the daylight hours :).

I’ll track the miles and the goal is 500 in total, and seems we have hit our money target I think we should be fine 🙂

Thank you all so much and I look forward to catching up with you tomorrow.

Wish me luck 😉