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It’s been a month or so since I last posted and I wanted to mention that I was feeling less tired! At least nowhere near when I had my b symptoms. Life is still very busy, with work being a bit fraught with lots of recruitment and change, and kids being, well, kids. Still it’s nice to not slump into sleep the second I sit down somewhere, or even feel like it standing.

I’ve also joined a nice Facebook group, who all have the same condition, so if any of you readers want to join do let me know :).

In terms of the kids Avery has now taken his first steps at eleven months, more than half a year younger than Grace, who was a little less into everything. He also has a few words and points at what he wants, and nods when you get it right. So he’s now bossing us around.

Grace is now two and a half and great fun to be around. She does, sometimes, push her brother in the face aprops nothing. Afterwards she does then say ‘Poor Avery, oh no’ which could indicate some kind of remorse. Except if you aren’t quick enough she pushes him again. So there’s that to watch out for.

Mostly she’s nice to him though, so they hang out well enough together.

The extension has been done for a few months now, and is feeling lived in. It’s brought us a ton more space, which helps the kids run around, and also gets us a spare bedroom for guests.

All in all, things seem ok. Blood tests to come in December though, so that’s something to look forward too. Almost like.a Christmas present….

So just a standard update, showing that not all is Doom and gloom, and it’s nice to mention the good times as well as the bad. Also, in no way tempting fate. I hope.

Anyway, hope you are all well and ticking along. Catch you soon :).