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It’s been a lot longer than I anticipated between posts, but life kind of got in the way, as it does. I have mostly been shed bound and growing a rather large beard. (At times I wonder where my face is going) I also need a haircut.

As my letter states I can’t leave the house or garden till the 30th of June I have been following that. Guidance did change on Sunday, but I’m erring on the side of caution. In fact I’m getting quite used to it now. I suspect when everyone goes back to work in my company it will change the dynamic slightly but until then we are all in the same boat.

I’m due a blood test in the next few weeks at the gp, as it’s been six months. I haven’t really chased it as I’m not so keen to see someone. Even so I should probably get it done.

Symptom wise it’s been mostly quiet, with not too much to worry about in regards to tiredness. I’ve been doing weights every day for a month or so, and I think that has helped my mood. Just hand weights for 15 minutes a day in the shed mind (thanks for the loan Tom and Rob). I also now have a stationary bike (thanks Patrick and Sebb!). So I’m getting quite the gym.

One thing I did notice in the last few months was that whenever I got a bug bite it swelled more than I was used to. I assumed this was a side effect of my condition (as you know I have thrombocytopenia or low platelets). I also have more white cells than I know what to do with!

So anyway I got a bug bite yesterday or four. No big deal I thought. My mind said ‘my bodies got this. Little red Mark no pr….’ ‘ALERT ALERT. INJURY TO BODY. MOBILISE’ said the white blood cells. ‘its cool, it’s just a bug bite.’ I tried to interject ‘NO, WE MUST EXPEL THE INTRUDER. MOBILISE ALL TROOPS.’

So my white cells appear to have overreacted a little. Damn hypochondriacs. Anyway the bite had swollen into a blister just slightly bigger than a marble and the ankle has blown out. I have rung 111 and am now waiting for a doctor to call. Honestly even having a gnat bite with Lymphoma can be a problem.

I guess I’ll need to work from home for the next few days…. ;).