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As a short update. I called 111 and they asked if I could go to the walk in. I said not as I was shielding and they sent someone around.

He turned up at around 10 and had full ppe on, an outer and an inner mask, as well as gloves he put on outside the door. He can in, looked at it but didn’t touch it. Gave me antibiotics and told me to take antihistamines and stay off it. Then he left for the next call.

These guys are amazing. I watched him take his gloves and mask off. Throw them into a waste bin in his car and drive off. No doubt he will get another mask and gloves set on at the other end, and he may well do that forty times a shift. Shows how important PPE is. These guys are amazing and I’m so thankful for the NHS.

On a side note we have just printed our 2000 face mask, so that is all going well. I’m pleased we can help! Still looking for donations at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/frontlinesafety thank you so much to everyone for donating already!!!

Anyway this is what it looks like now. Damn bugs! I feel fine though, so no need to worry. :).

Not sure what to do when it bursts…. Oh well, something to look forward to….