So I published two in two days, and then bone for three months that’s par for the course.

So my bug bite is long gone, but I have a cool circular scar where it was, and everyone knows scars are cool. By which I mean, meh.

I have also been told to stop shielding at the beginning of this month. It’s an odd time though, as the measures are all a little scrambled. Bubble and mask at school. Restaurants are fine. Weddings over 30 bad. Restaurants with tables of six can make 100, no problem. Anyway from our side we have been sensible in our way. I’ve not been in anyone’s home, just their garden. No more than six or seven. I went to a shop for the first time yesterday, and posted something. But mostly it’s stay close to home, and don’t go into cafes or anything.

We are going on holiday to an air BnB, but again, it’s a house and we’ll mainly stay outside. Ultimately though the kids are back in nursery and Grace is going to school, so complete lockdown isn’t really possible. Just continuing the minimise risk.

I also have some overdue business. I was told to get a blood test in the middle of this year. I think you’ll agree September is stretching it. Still I didn’t want to go to hospital and they weren’t doing them at the GPs surgery.

They are now, so I have booked in for a blood test on the 7th. It’s been nine months since my results which showed things might be going south, so this will be a meals or break test. Was my last one higher in white cells and lower in platelets because of the one off horrible illness, or has my cancer changed to a more aggressive course (which is can) and I am therefore going to need treatment that bit sooner (and have a shorter life expectancy).

It’s going to be interesting to find out. I do know I’ve been tired of late, bit again that’s pretty much a constant, and had to stop working out as I was feeling terrible after each session. I have increased my green vegetable and red meat consumption, so hope my diets changes will help the low platelet count. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have dipped below 100 (under 150 is considered low).

I’m hoping I don’t need treatment yet, as that will kill my immune system for a while and might mean I have to live away from the family. Still, we will see what the results bring.

Anyway, I’ll let you know how it goes, hope all is well with you!