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I spike to my doctor yesterday and we agreed to start our next round of Bendamustine on Monday. My blood results are looking great, with neutrophils at 2.5 lymphocytes at 1.5. but most importantly platelets at 170 and haemoglobin at 8.9 (it was 6.1 after my last transfusion). So all looking good.

This morning I woke up with adore throat and a hoarse voice. My mum and dad have a cold, so I’ve likely picked it up.

I went back to bed at 10. By 1 my temp was 38.6. by the time I got into hospital it was 40 and my pulse was 136. So I’m now back in Colchester.

I’ve now been in for a while. My temp dropped to 37.3 but then I shivered my head off. Another sleep and it was back to 40.1 and pulse 136.

The problem we have is I have a virus this time so antibiotics wont cut it. Accordingly we are using both paracetamol and ibuprofen (now my platelets have rallied.

I did take a lat flow before I came in and had a curious reaction. Look at this trout pout. (it went after half an hour).

So now in overnight. The tree is back. And it’s unclear if Bendamustine will be Monday. Meanwhile I have to be much more careful I think if an infection will do this at any points, and I guess I’ll see less people…

All a bit annoying!