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A little catch up from where I left you. I got out of hospital the next day and was told to self medicate with paracetamol and ibuprofen to stop temperature. I did just that, but felt fatigued and woogy still.

After a little umming and erring by the team it was decided chemo would go ahead. Accordingly I have just arrived at Ipswich for Rituximab and Bendamustine round two.

It will be less this time, reduced by around 26% of the dose. So hopefully given that, and the fact my blood counts are starting higher, we may not end up with three weeks in hospital with side effects. Maybe.

I still except rituximab to be a pile of crap though. I’ve not had a good time with it on the last five occasions, so this will likely be no different. If I can have it in six or seven hours I’ll be here until Tuesday. If it takes eighteen like last time, then it will be Wednesday.

I’m in the ward now and there are a real mix of people, all older than me mind. Some odd noises already happening, so I look forward to the evening chorus. (I think one guy in the ward is confused and dementia riven. Could be interesting).

On a different note I’ve decided to be better at shielding, given my cold. Despite vaccines I am clearer still very much at risk from normal infections. Accordingly anyone who has had a cold or similar in their house will be much avoided. Problem is that last time I got it, the people I got it from didn’t know they had it until after I’d seen them, so it’s a bit of a toughy. Face masks in the garden will be needed I think.

The only problem remains the kids, at school and nursery. Not much I can do about that. I have my own bathroom, but otherwise they will still spend time with me. I guess I will just try and control the things I can.

Anyway, I hope you are all well and have a good few days, and let’s hope rituximab isn’t a pain in the bum again. Speak soon.