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I deliberately didn’t tempt fate and post the last two weeks of last cycle were great. I’ve been ok after the first week of this the third cycle. Then last couple of days I’ve been sleeping a lot. Today I slept six hours after a full night’s sleep.

Then I checked my temperature. It was 37.4-5. I waited on it for a bit and it got to 37.8 so I called in. The protocol for a cancer patient is to call if your temperature hits above 37.5.

So I am now in Ipswich a and e. Last blood test was great for everything except neutrophils. My hb was at normal range for the first time in a year and a half. Neutrophils though were at 0.5. it’s been nearly a week since then so I suspect it’s dropped further and I’m now pretty vulnerable.

With covid as it is it’s pretty scary going into hospital. I’ve had my vaccines but have had chemo since so I likely have no protection from covid, as well as no white cells to fight it.

They have thoughtfully put me in a side room in a and e. As they realise what this all means, but they are also the busiest they have ever seen it. It doesn’t bode well for quick treatment and processing.

So all in all might be a long night. Wish me luck. I would expect to be here for the next week if it is neutropenia. Fortuitously I know the score in packing.

All the best to my readers. I hope those of you at risk and your families are taking precautions. Luckily masks are mandatory in the hospital still. Let’s see how it his goes.