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I was in hospital until Friday. My fever did not return and although I had tachycardia (fast pulse). This slowly eased from 115 resting to 95.

They ran bloods and found no infections and my infection markers were low as well. Accordingly we concluded it was likely just Chemo side effects. One reassuring thing was I was only in three days, and last time I had a full dose back in round one it was three weeks.

Even so I’ll chat with Dr Hodson about reducing the dose again and see what his thoughts are.

By the end of my stay and after a couple lore Gcsf injections my neutrophils were back to 1.7, so out of the dangerzone. My Hb was 11.7 and platelets over 100, so not quite normal human but perfectly good for chemo reduced, suggesting my normal bloods are back to normal.

Two other things of note. I had an ultrasound on the liver, just to check it out. That was fine. My liver and kidneys were unremarkable (and I put so much work into them to be buff). They did fine that my spleen has finally reduced. From 29cms to 19cms. Which is great news. The final proof that the chemo has worked. Now we just have to have the other three doses but we already know it’s been a success. We just have to see how much of one.

Slight note of caution. They found a tiny polyp in my gallbladder they would like to investigate further. It’s 4mm, so tiny. Having done some research radiopedia (a site about radiology) best sums up

‘Gallbladder polyps are relatively frequent, seen in up to 9% of the population 1,7,12,14. Over 90% are benign, and the majority are cholesterol polyps.

Cholesterol polyps are most frequently identified in patients between 40-50 years of age and are more common in women (F:M, 2.9:1) 3.’

So something to investigate but not likely for right now. It can go on the pile with the insane levels or iron I have (I am Iron man…. Just without the suit, the genius or the billions…. Do basically I am man. DOH).

Also the big ones are much more likely to be cancerous, so I’m not worried for now. There will likely be other things discovered or will develop before the treatment finishes as it’s been quite intensive. Additionally most people don’t get their bodies examined quite so extensively day to day.

So just adding it to my list of things to sort. But the spleen shrinking is a real win, as are the bloods. Go team.

I’ve been at home all weekend slowly feeling better, taking my oral antibiotics. So all good really (although dropped a little weight again to 11 and a half, I’ll get it back.)

The next treatment is next week and that’s round four, so 2/3rds done. We’ll soon be at October and completion of course. Just need to keep focused on the goal. :).

Thanks all. Have a great week! (And some pictures from my stay, plus one of the kids playing Warhammer. :))